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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

For patients who have had to endure dental concerns for any amount of time, having health and proper function restored to their smile can be a life changing experience. Restorative treatments alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by decay or infection while also providing renewed strength, stability, and aesthetics.

At Image Dental, our patients receive focused attention when they come in with significant issues that need to be addressed. Dr. Richard Maguire and his dedicated team take a meticulous and thorough approach when providing patients with restorative dentistry in Edwards. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment!

Alleviating Your Discomfort at Our Edwards Practice

When patients visit our office experiencing tooth pain, our first step is to take digital images and have Dr. Maguire conduct a comprehensive oral exam to locate the cause of the concern. From here, our Edwards dentist discusses a conservative treatment plan based on the severity of decay that restores your smile without impacting existing dental health or leaving you financially responsible for unnecessary services.  

For cases of minor cavities, Dr. Maguire removes decay and fills the area with tooth-colored composite material that provides renewed aesthetics in addition to protecting the treated tooth. When severe issues are present, he may recommend a more comprehensive plan to remove decay.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a procedure involving removal of damaged pulp from a tooth’s inner chambers that eliminates pain while also preventing infection from spreading or reoccurring. Dr. Maguire has extensive experience performing this beneficial treatment and enjoys being able to ease a patient’s discomfort promptly.

Our office is equipped with high-quality hand instruments that allow Dr. Maguire to perform the procedure with precision. During treatment, a small opening is made for the infected pulp to be removed through the most minimally invasive means possible. Once this is complete, he seals the opening and protects the tooth’s structure with a temporary restoration while a permanent porcelain crown is custom crafted. 

Dental Implants and Associated Restorative Care

If a tooth is significantly compromised by advanced decay, Dr. Maguire is capable of performing extraction right in our office. Once the affected tooth or teeth have been removed, we offer a variety of traditional and implant-supported prosthetics made from quality materials that return your smile to full health, function, and beauty.

Should you elect for teeth replacement with dental implants, we work with a trusted local surgeon who applies the same care philosophies we do. Once the implant posts have properly integrated with the jaw, Dr. Maguire secures the restorations that add the final touches to your newly rejuvenated smile.

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At Image Dental, Dr. Maguire and his caring, compassionate staff value patient comfort above all. This is why we offer procedures such as root canal therapy that alleviate pain and allow you to enjoy healthy function and a renewed appearance. If you are looking for a practice that provides quality restorative dentistry in Edwards, Vail, Avon, and Eagle, contact us today!